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There are loads of us who are fruitarians and we can go without food but not fruit, if you belong to that category…then Fruitmania slot is the game for you. With its progressive jackpot and 5 reels, and 5 pay lines, the game is exciting, delicious and so fruity! The game has been developed by Playtech and comprises of fruit and sun symbols. If you get 5 delicious cherries in Fruitmania slot on the 5th pay line you get paid the jackpot, and since you have 28 winning combinations you have a great chance to win. The Fruitmania slot theme is obviously a fruity theme and the symbols include cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, apples, strawberries and lemons. Sun and fruit cocktail symbols make their appearance at various winning combinations.

The Fruitmania slot game has wild and scatter symbols and a bonus feature round, and when the scatter symbol appears on an enabled pay line it pays out handsomely. If you are successful in getting five cherries along a fifth pay line, you will be paid attractive amounts. Different combinations of fruits on different enabled pay lines pay out various amounts in accordance with the pay table structure. The plum and peach for example deliver identical rewards, while the strawberry and lemon symbols pay out two hundred coins. This fruity game is a real treat for the eyes of all you slot players.